Adverse effects of Tramadol

It is very important to know about the very basic information of the Tramadol. It is a painkilling medicine which comes under the narcotic category and frequently described for treating pain. Most of the population uses this particular medicine as the painkiller. Using Tramadol medicine for the long term can put several kinds of the harmful effects. It is commonly seen that some people developed the tolerance for the medicine.

Tramadol should be used only for a short period of time.  Another common issue which is highly faced by people is withdrawal symptoms. There are many cases of addiction seen. It is a highly addictive medicine and thus should be used only for a short period of time. There are many facts which are related to Tramadol that you should know before you start using it.

Don’t take an overdose

An overdose of this medicine can bring several health issues. You may be getting highly addicted to it. In some extreme cases, the overdose of the Tramadol can also kill the users. With the overdose, you may also get the reversal effects of the medicine. In some cases, it is seen that it can put serious harm to the internal organs as well.

Discuss medical history

You should know the fact that Tramadol should not be taken without the medical history discussion. You should make sure that it is better to consult the medical history with the doctor before taking Tramadol. This is so because the patient with the history of the kidney, liver or lungs problems may feel uncomfortable after taking this medicine.

Tramadol can also do permanent damage to the internal body organs. People with the respiratory problem should not take it. It is known to slow down the process of breathing.

Avoid higher dose for a long time

Taking treatment for the pain for a long time with Tramadol therapy can create several issues. You may be getting physically depended on this particular drug.


There will be very high chances of getting addicted to it and you may be losing the control of your senses.  It is seen that people with the use of the medicine for a long period of time also face the great problem. Several psychological issues are also seen in the patients who were using Tramadol for a long period of time to deal with the pain.

It can be very dangerous to use this medicine without the medical advice of the doctor.