Tramadol as a pain reliever

Tramadol is very famous for the great effect on the body and ability to quickly remove the feeling of pain in the patient. But you should know the fact that it is a control substance which comes under the schedule IV drug. This medicine cannot be taken without the medical prescription of a registered doctor. This medicine is highly addicted to nature.

Dose and method

  • Tramadol medicine can be taken after or before the lunch as per the advice of your doctor. But you should know the fact that taking the right dose is very important.
  • Taking the less or overdose can be very dangerous. But for the safer side, you should keep the dose low for your safety. The overdose of the medicine can kill.
  • You should know the fact that medicine should be taken as per the intensity of the pain. Usually, 50-100 mg tablet perfect when you are suffering from pain.
  • To get long-term relief from the pain this particular medicine can be taken four to six hours. In any case, this particular medicine should not be taken more than 400 mg in a single day.

In order to deal with the problem of tolerance development of this particular medicine, it should be started at the minimum level and gradually the dose should be improved. By doing this your body will not be able to develop the tolerance for this particular medicine.

Abrupt withdrawal

Abruptly stopping the use of this particular medicine can be very dangerous. You should make sure that you are not stopping the medicine suddenly. It should be stopped properly only after taking the advice of the medical expert. Only the doctor knows in which ratio the medicine should be reduced before the final withdrawal of the medicine. By doing this you will not be facing any kind of trouble. But make sure that you are never skipping your medicine and taking this particular medicine on a fixed time only. This way you will be able to remove the sudden withdraw removal obstacles.

Use with other drugs

Tramadol can show harmful effects when it is mixed with the other substances, drugs, and alcohol. In case you are already taking medicine and drugs to treat some old disease, you should tell about this in advance to your doctor. This can save your life when taken properly after consulting the doctor. But you should know the fact many other types of the drugs can interact with the medicine.